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Main Services Offered

Main Services Offered

Publication date: February 9th, 2017

Free phone estimation by our biologist
Extermination SOS Bestioles Pest Control can help you with any type of infestations, carpenter ants, small ants, earwigs, wasps, cockroaches, bed bugs, mice, moles, and others. Our biologist will evaluate the type and the degree of the infestation and how best to help stop the problem. Call us for a trustworthy and professionnal exterminator service.

Carpenter Ant Control
Do not worry, nothing should crash down, carpenter ants are not termites. Be suspicious of pest control companies that take advantage of your fear and charge too much. Over 95 % of carpenter ant nests found inside houses are satellite nests, where there is no fertile queen nor eggs.

SOS Bestioles uses infrared thermal imaging technology to detect satellite nests and plan treatment accordingly. Our biologist inspects also the wood structure integrity.

Cockraoch Control
The German Cockroach is one of the most challenging insect to deal with. This common cockroach has adapted itself to our habits and environment. A solid pest control expertise is required to deal with severe cockroach infestations. SOS Bestioles has developped that expertise and can efficiently deal with these infestations. We provide preparation sheets prior to treatment and work in collaboration with you. Our biologist will give you tips throughout the process.

Wasp, Bumblebee Nests Removal
SOS Bestiles can help eliminate structural, suspended or underground nests. We remove any type of nest, timely and safely for you and your family. Let us help you, it’s not worth taking the risk yourself.

Bed Bug Control
Bed Bugs can be found anywhere, with people traveling around the world. SOS Bestioles Pest Control uses a combination of the best proven pest control techniques. We use mechanical aspiration, heat chamber, freezing and non repulsive insecticides.

You will be able to be back in your appartment, house or condo the same day. SOS Bestioles provides preparation sheets prior to treatment and works in collaboration with you. We include several visits for the inspection, evaluation, treatment and monitoring.

Bed Bug Heating Treatment
Heat chambers allows complete bed bug elimination that are hidden in objects that could not be treated otherwise. Bed bugs cannot survive to temperatures up to 50oC for several hours.

Bed Bug Detection
SOS Bestioles does thorough inspections to find out if you brought in bed bugs from a trip, a move or from second-hand furniture. We provide monitoring over several days.

Rodent Inspection
Rodents can be found anywhere in our environment. Mice and rats can establish themselves in houses, appartments, buildings and condos. SOS Bestioles offers you a thorough inspection to find entry points. Our biologist will do an indoor and outdoor (house perimeter) inspection. He will point out to you openings, potential entry holes. Our biologist will give you recommandations to rodent proof your house and get rid of them for good.

Remember, a mouse can fit in a hole the size of a penny and a rat in a hole the size of a quarter.

Rodent Proofing (Exclusion)
Poison is a temporary approach and full of false myths. Entry holes remain accessible for future mice or rats to enter. SOS Bestioles Pest Control inspects thoroughly the perimeter of your house or building. We offer rodent proofing to stop rodent entry for good. We use galvanized metal screen, silicone, sealing-cement, copper mesh for rodent proofing.

Wildlife relocalization
SOS Bestioles Pest Control captures and relocalizes small animals in a safe environment far enough to prevent them coming back. Our biologist guides you when it’s a good time to do so, to take proper care and respect wildlife, for groundhogs, skunks, etc.

Skunk Control
Our biologist will identify entry points. He will also determine when its the right time to intervene. It is important for us to take good care and respect wildlife. We wait for youngsters to be weaned off their mother before we relocalize the skunk family. We use special skunk no spray traps.

Thermal Imaging Detection
SOS Bestioles Pest Control uses infrared thermal imaging to help us find energy lost, temperature gaps in walls. We can also detect potential carpenter ant nests, bumblebee nests, structural wasp nests, nocturnal animal presence in attic, bird caught in fan ducts. It can also detect structural anomalies such as rotten wood, missing insulation material, severe water infiltration and more. Coloured images can be recorded on a USB key.

Mole Control
Moles can greatly damage lawns, golf greens, flower beds and landscaping. You need to act promptly. SOS Bestioles Pest Control is among the few pest control companies to offer mole control. Our biologist knows how to get rid of them with special tube-traps.

Desinfection after infestation
Mice, rats, Drains flies, Blue flies, Pharaoh Ants and Cockroaches carry pathogenic germs. Surfaces are contaminated after an infestation. All nuisance pest infestation multiply very quickly. You need to act promptly to limit contamination and transmission of Hanta virus, bactria, Lyme disease, Salmonella, E.coli, etc. SOS Bestioles Pest Control offers desinfection service to eliminate germs. We use deodorizing product and commercial desinfectant containing high efficient virucide and germicid.