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Parasites > Acrobat Ant
Parasites > Acrobat Ant

What does it look like?

The Acrobat Ant has its name from its behavior. It tends to curve its abdomen upward like an acrobat. There are two species of acrobat ants in Quebec. The Acrobat Ant is small. It measures 3-4 mm long. The mating couple has wings and is 7-8mm long. The Acrobat Ant’s head is round and there is a pair of spines on the thorax.

fourmis accrobateThe adbomen is black, the head and thorax are burgindy. The abdomen is shiny and flat on top and round underneath. The end of the addomen looks like a heart or as the ace of Spades. It is ended by a sting that expells acetic acid when the ant feels threatened.

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Does the Acrobat Ant represent a risk for me or my belongings?

fourmis accrobateThe Acrobat Ant has a sting with venom. It can use its sting and poke the skin or bite using its mandibles when it feels threatened. Its reaction can surprise us but it is not painful and the venom doesn’t have much effect on us.

The Acrobat Ant alters decaying wood but does not attack intact wood. The Acrobat Ant is often found in foam isolation, blue or pink foam panels. Foam dust is not always visible early on.

When foam dust is discovered, it could mean that the infestation has been there since months or years. At that point, foam panels may need to be replaced. Acrobat Ants can cause structural damage to buildings like Carpenter Ants do.

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What are the signs of its presence?

fourmis accrobateThe Acrobat Ant feeds from flower nectar, sweet substances from aphids, seeds, insects and our food. It is active both day and night and can infest rapidly a house. Acrobat Ant colonies can contain over 12 000 individuals and last 10-15 years. Fine foam or wood dust near a window or door is an indicator of its presence.

The acrobat Ant can make its nest in decaying wood, in window or door frames, suffit, under the house siding and at gutters‘ corners. Colonies with eggs and larvae can be located under rocks, in fire wood, construction piled wood, under detritus, etc. The Acrobat Ant is a strong indicator of decaying wood, past or present water infiltration and buildings’ espace old age.

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What to do if I have Acrobat Ants?

fourmis accrobateThe elimination of this pest takes time and thorough treament approach. Both Acrobat Ant species are very proliferative and are invading ants once settled in. Colonies can be composed of thousands of ants with several satellite nests.

SOS Bugs has specific strategies to deal with this invading ant. Repulsive products sold in general stores usually have only a short and limited effect on them. Call us at 819-328-7017

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