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Parasites > Silver Fish
Parasites > Silver Fish

What does it look like?

The silver fish is 11-13 mm long. Its shape looks like a carrot. The body is soft and covered by shiny grey scales. The silver fish moves very quickly by moving its body like fishes do. The silver fish has two long antennae at the front and three white rigid filaments at the back.

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Does the Silver Fish represent a risk for me or my belongings?

Silver fish is harmless. It does not bite, sting nor transmit disease to humans. Silver fish does not make any damage to houses where the air is dry. Nevertheless, silver fish is frequently present in new buildings because it is attracted by fresh wood resin, glue, humid carboard, drywall.

In old buildings, the silver fish can multiply to an infestation level when humidity and temperature are too high. The silver fish feeds on vegetable matter, starch, flour, bread crumbs, cellulosis. The silver fish is a threat for library, archives and museums. It can also feed on the glue of stamps, book bindings, construction material, glossy paper and fabrics.

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Why do I have Silver Fish?

Silver fish is a tropical insect at its origin. The silver fish has adapted to urban environment. It favors warm and humid areas. The silver fish travels easily through boxes, books, construction material, etc. It its mainly nocturnal and hides under objects.

In a house, we encounter it most commonly where the humidity level is high, such as in the bathroom, around the bathtub, the sink, under carpets and linoleum. Silver fish can travel from the basement to other floors, through pipes, electrical wires. Silver fish can make it easily to the attic and proliferate.

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What to do if I have Silver Fish?

Silver fish is nocturnal, seeing them in abundance day and night means an infestation. A silver fish infestation requires adequate intervention. Silver fish can fast over 10 months and still reproduce itself easily.

Call SOS Bugs for a thorough silver fish treatment.

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