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Blog > Cockroach

Why is it so difficult to get rid of cockroaches?

Publication date: March 4th, 2017

The greatest challenge comes from their biology and their great abilities to adapt. Here are a few examples: The German cockroach is gregarious, it lives in dense groups. Roaches need 4 basic ingredients to survive: heat, water,...

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Cockroaches Control

Publication date: February 25th, 2017

SOS Bestioles Pest Control, uses the well proven extermination methods against cockroaches’ infestations. All our procedures have been tested to be the most effective against the fastest insect in animal kingdom. We apply 3 different...

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Why do I have roaches, how did it happen?

Publication date: February 18th, 2017

Roaches can travel through: Grocery bags, carboard boxes. Fruit and vegetable cases. Bulk food. Tobacco packages. Moving furniture, house or apartment. Moving trucks. Buying used objects, furniture, appliances. Waste...

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