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Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent, Effective?

Publication date: March 18th, 2018

Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent can be an easy and simple solution for anyone who wants to get rid of mice. Fabricants created a simple and easy to use device to meet this need. According to those companies, mice and rats escape areas...

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Thousands of Ants!

Publication date: August 21st, 2017

Why do we have more ants this year?   SOS Bugs Pest Control is receiving numerous calls for Carpenter Ant, Pavement Ant and Odorous Ant problems.  We are often asked why is there so many ants this year? Milder winter...

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Why is it so hard to get rid of moles?

Publication date: March 6th, 2017

The mole is active all year round. In winter it is active under the freezing. In the spring it travels under the snow. The mole is mainly underground and cannot be trapped on ground surface. The use of rodent poison is ineffective against...

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Why do I have mice in my house ?

Publication date: March 5th, 2017

Mice get into houses, appartments, garage, buildings in the fall when nights start to be colder. The mouse has sensitive vibrisses and easily detect spots by which it can enter. Vibrisses feel the air courant in holes. The mouse can feels...

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Why is it so difficult to get rid of cockroaches?

Publication date: March 4th, 2017

The greatest challenge comes from their biology and their great abilities to adapt. Here are a few examples: The German cockroach is gregarious, it lives in dense groups. Roaches need 4 basic ingredients to survive: heat, water,...

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Wasps Control

Publication date: March 2nd, 2017

Wasps are useful insects for our environment but their proximity becomes a risk for us. They sting when threatened to defend themselves and to protect the nest. Wasp nests that are hard to access to or far away may be left alone but...

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Mole Control

Publication date: March 1st, 2017

Moles are active in the ground, under the greens, the your lawns and in gardens. Very early in the morning its possible to see them moving dirt. SOS Bestioles Pest Control can help you with mole control. Our pest control approach is to...

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Ants Control : Why do ants come in houses and buildings?

Publication date: February 28th, 2017

The main reason that explains why ants come in your house is simply a lack of space in the main nest colony. The main nest is usually outside (refer to carpenter ants to understand why). For example, Black Carpenter Ants’ colony can...

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Skunk Control

Publication date: February 26th, 2017

Skunk Control is done only by a few pest control companies for obvious reasons , skunk catching and handling requires specific equipment, expertise and time. SOS Bestioles Pest Control will help you with skunk control when it has...

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Cockroaches Control

Publication date: February 25th, 2017

SOS Bestioles Pest Control, uses the well proven extermination methods against cockroaches’ infestations. All our procedures have been tested to be the most effective against the fastest insect in animal kingdom. We apply 3 different...

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