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Parasites > German cockroach
Parasites > German cockroach

How to recognize it?

The German Cockroach originates from West Africa. It is the most common specie of roaches and is world wide spread.

The adult measures 1-1.6 cm long and is reddish-brown. One of its distinguishing feature is 2 dark parallel bands on its pronotum. Its body is, waxy and flat. Its antennae are longer than its body and look like hair. The adult roach has wing but does not use them.

The elytra of the male are shorter whereas they cover the whole abdomen in the female. The female is wider than the male. The female carries the egg capsule at the end of its abdomen.


Nymph is dark brown to black with a lighter brown central band. The nymph has no wing. It measures 2-10 mm long.

Egg capsule:

The egg capsule contains 20-50 eggs. The egg capsule has the shape of a grain of rice. It measures 6-9mm long.

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Does the German Cockroach represent a risk for me and my belongings?

Yes, it is important to eliminate cockroaches, here is why:

  • The cockroach does not attack wood, linoleum, fabrics, etc. Nevertheless, in severe infestations, the fecal marks can permanently stain wood, kitchen panels, baseboards, etc. Infestation can be so severe that a complete reconstruction of the kitchen and new appliances are needed.
  • Electric short circuit can be caused by roaches.
  • The cockroach is a risk for human health. A roach has 6 legs and crawls everywhere, from the toilet in the bathroom to a slice of bread on the kitchen counter.
  • The cockroach carries diseases such as: diarrhea, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection, food poisoning, through its behavior and its feces scattered all around.
  • Roaches droppings, cast skins, dead roaches debris can cause allergies and severe respiratory infections.
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How can I tell I have Cockroaches?

It is not easy to detect them in the early stages of an infestation. Signs to watch for:

  • Gathered roaches behind and around the fridge, kitchen stove, in cracks under kitchen counter
  • Cast skins
  • Small black nymphs; a few millimeter long
  • Scattered tiny black spots; fecal matter
  • Brownish stains around electrical wall plugs, hinges of kitchen door panels, baseboards, etc
  • Mold odour in severe infestations
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What should I do?

Upon noticing some signs of the roaches presence, the infestation had already begun a few weeks ago.

Roaches are mainly active at night. If you observe them easily during the day, this means there are numerous. It is even more serious if you find egg capsules and nymphs.

The German Cockroach is very well adapted to survive. Trying to get rid of them yourself will only give them more time to multiply. Do not use detergent, disinfectant or spray. It will spread and worsen the infestation.

SOS Bugs offers you safe and efficient treatment. Our biologist has the expertise and experience to resolve the infestation with you.

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