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Animal control > Northern Short - Tailed Shrew
Animal control > Northern Short - Tailed Shrew

What does the Northern Short-Tailed Shrew look like?

The Northern Short-Tailed Shrew is not a mouse even though it looks like one. The Northern Short-Tailed Shrew is not a rodent either, it belongs to the Soricidae family. Blarina brevicauda is a small insectivor. The shrew feeds on insects, snails, slugs, earthworms, millipedes, sowbugs and spiders. The adult shrew has grey fur. The shrew has a thin nose, very tiny eyes and its ears are hiddent in its fur. It weights 12-30 g.

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Does the Shrew represent a risk for me or my belongings?

The shrew lives outside. A shrew inside the house is accidental. It could have entered through big cracks of the foundation. Shrews are encountered more often in crawl spaces, when there is no cement floor. The shrew digs under the house foundation. Once inside the house, the shrew does not eat our food nor pet food. The shrew is not a rodent and will not gnaw construction material, wires nor pipes.

The shrew is very useful to the gardener. Everyday the shrew must eat the equivalent of its own weight. The shrew does not eat plant. If you encounter a shrew, it will run away from you but if you catch it, it can bite you to defend itself. The shrew has toxin in its saliva. Its bite can be painful and cause swelling and burning sensation.

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What are the signs of its presence?

You can find a dead shrew on the floor in the basement or brought in the house by your cat. Cats bite shrews but don’t eat them. The shrew has a very strong musc smell. The smell of a dead shrew is often unbearable.

The shrew is active all year, day and night. One can see a shrew running around the house foundation or in dead leaves litter, hunting for preys. The shrew is attracted to water and that’s why it can be found sometimes drowned in the pool.

Shrews dig holes and galeries in the lawn, in flower beds. The holes are 3-5 cm in diameter. The tunnels are usually close to the surface.

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What should I do if I have Shrews?

Don’t worry, there is no major consequences to its presence. It’s nuisance is a rotten meat smell or a bite risk if you try to handle it. If you find there are too many shrews around, call SOS Bugs. Our biologist will take the time with you to analyze the problem. He may use attractants to capture them and then relocalize them.

Call us for a personnalized and professional service. Our biologistg is passionned by shrews and other small animals. He loves to share his passion with our clients.

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