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Animal control > Skunk
Animal control > Skunk

What is a Skunk?

The skunk is easy to recognize with its black fur with two white stripes. It iis also very easy with its strong smell, The skunk belongs to the Mustelidae family. Mephitis mephitis is a mammal. The adult skunk is the size of a big cat, it measures 54 to 78 cm long.

The fully adult skunk can weight up to 5 kg (11 pounds) There is a white strip from its head to its nose. The skunk has a furry tail with white and black hair. It is an omnivorous animals.

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Does the Skunk represent a risk for me and my family?

The skunk is a solitary and calm animal, it does not look for trouble. It is a nocturnal and the animal is not often seen in day time. The skunk cannot climb, it can therefore never be found in the attic and on the top of a tree. It also cannot climb on a balconi, nor a trash bin.

The skunk often takes Groundhog burrows to establish itself. The skunk does not damage material. It feeds on insects, white worms and fallen fruits from trees, nuts, eggs and birds. It can visit trash bins bags if they are easily accessible.

The skunks uses its repellant to defend itself. The liquid has a fetid smell and is very irritating, especially for the eyes. It can cause temporary blindness. The skunk can spray its repellant up to 6 consecutive times and at a distance up to 6 meter or 20 feet.

The skunk will give warning signs before using its liquid spray for real. This animal is among the species that can carry rabies. It is better not to try to catch it or handle it yourself for obvious reasons. The skunk does not have a very good vision.

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What are the signs of its presence?

One of the first sign is the fetid smell of the skunk. The odour could also come from an animal that has been sprayed by a skunk. The bad smell is persistant and can be smelt a long distance away from its origin.

moufetteThe skunk makes conical holes, 7 to 10 cm in diameter, 3 – 5 cm deep in the lawn pieces and turns the grass upside down. One can also find skunk droppings; 5-8 cm long. Droppings contain insect fragments; 5-8 cm long.

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What should I do if I have Skunk?

A skunk should be captured only by a pest control professionnal. It will be captured only when it has established itself in a burrow under a shed or a gallery. Our Biologist will assess if it is an active burrow or only a temporary one.

Here are some tips before our visit :

  • Do not leave your pet food dish accessible outside
  • If you come across a skunk, step back and change path.
  • Do not attempt to block a skunk course or route
  • In the summer, if a baby skunk gets trapped in a window coping, use a 2 x 6 piece of 3 feet long piece of wood, long enough to allow the young skunk to walk onto it. The skunk will free itselef at night.

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