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Parasites > Asian Ladybug
Parasites > Asian Ladybug

What does it look like?

The Asian Ladybug originates from Asia. It was introduced in the states in the years 60 to fight aphids in cultures. Since 1995, it doesn’t stop its progress in Quebec. The Asian ladybug has an oval shape, its back is half a sphere and is smooth.

The head is black. Behind the head is the pronotum. It is white with an M or W pattern. The elytra (back of the ladybug) is variable; yellow, red-orange, reddish brown. There could be up to 19 black dots on the closed elytra.

There is a myth that the number of dots indicates the ladybug’s age. Although it is a false myth for age, the number of dots is used for species' identification. The Asian Ladybug measures 5.5-8.5 mm long.

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Can the Asian Ladybug represent any risk for my belongings?

Coccinelle Asiatique In summer, ladybugs feed on aphids on plants. They are useful insects in the garden and in flower beds. In the fall, their nuisance comes from the fact that they get attracted by hundreds in houses or commercial buildings. The Asian Ladybug gathers to spend the winter in the warmth of the houses or building atticks. The Asian Ladybug gathers on walls exposed to the south or west. They then get in the house through tiny cracks, soffit, windows, vents, etc.

The ladybug does not cause any damage inside the house. It does not eat any plant, does not reproduce itself nor lay eggs inside. The Asian Ladybug does not feed on our food and is harmless.

Coccinelle AsiatiqueThe Asian Ladybug leaves pheromones on houses and building walls form year to year. These invisible marks are strong attractants for them to find their way back to their winter spots. The Asian Ladybug produces excrements wich can be left on windows, glasses and siding.

The excrements have a rotten smell and should not get in contact with eyes. Some allergies are possible.

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What to do if I have Asian Ladybugs gather on my house?

The Cluster Fly has a behavior similar to the Asian Ladybug. They tend to gather in the same spots.

We recommend that soffit, window frames, etc get sealed to limit entry points. One could also change the siding colour fo a less attracting colour. Soffit need to be inspected to see what needs to be repaired. The treatment against the Cluster Flies helps to control the Asian Ladybug.

A thorough inspection by our biologisit will help you find the best approach and give you tips to help prevent the problem in the future. Call us at 819-328-7017.

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