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Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent, Effective?

Publication date: March 18th, 2018

Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent can be an easy and simple solution for anyone who wants to get rid of mice. Fabricants created a simple and easy to use device to meet this need. According to those companies, mice and rats escape areas where such ultrasonic diffusers are used. Is this really true?


One needs to know the real facts about those ultrasonic diffusers. Regardless how many devices you use in a room or weither you scatter them around the house, the result is the same. It does not work. In fact, there has been no independent studies showing its efficacy.


Why doesn’t it work?

Ultrasounds cannot go through wall structures and reach rodents where they hide, even if ultrasounds were powerful. Some studies havec demonstrated that rodents get used fairly quickly to those devices. Ultrasonic diffusers become useless. The Federal Trade Commission Division of Enforcement in the United States (FTCDE) has given a warning to the fabricants and companies that promote and sell ultrasonic diffusers to repel rodents. The FTCDE is asking them to provide true evidence that these devices work.


Why is it still available?

Offer is based on what people are looking for, companies find ways and strategies to meet those needs and more. Why not a miraculous (companies say) easy and costless solution!


Next time, think about it twice. If you buy such a device and notice it is not working, why not returning it to the store! One could also make a complaint to the Quebec or Ontario Consummer Protection!


Claude Mercier


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