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Our Mission

Our Mission

Publication date: January 5th, 2017

Courtesy, respect, honesty and trustworthy are important values to us. Bugs and animals are our passion. Our biologist loves to share his passion with our clients to help them learn and understand better their environment. Our biologist will find the right solution for you at a fair price !.

Our strengths:

  • Curteous and professional service
  • Thorough inspection to identify the most efficient treatment approach
  • Use of innovative advanced technologies
  • Use of Health Canada registered approved products
  • Safe and low environmental impact methods
  • Fair and competitive costs.


SOS Bugs Pest Control offers pest control services since 2005. We provide efficient and professional service at a lower cost than big companies.

Professionalism: Courtesy , respect, honesty and truthworthy are important values to us. Bugs and animals are our passion. We love to share our passion with our clients, help them learn and understand more about their environment. As oppose to other companie, we don't do pressure sells. Be suspicious of companies that take advantage of your fears or anxiety. Give yourself time to compare not only price but also types of treatments. Look for a truely professional and trustworthy pest control company.

Lower cost: Big companies have higher running costs to account for more employees, space rental, inventory, etc. A smaller company can be advantageous and offer up to 25 to 50 % lower prices. SOS Bestioles is a self-operating company. The founder member is a biologist, who loves to share his passion. You deal directly with us, there is no intermediate.

Rapidity: SOS Bugs Pest Control offers a quick service within the same day or the following day. We do not carry a waiting list like big companies do. We come on quickly but take the time to serve you well throughout the process. Service quality is important to us.

Efficiency and expertise: Intervention results are greatly influenced by the competency and knowledge of whom does the control work. In Ontario and Quebec, there is no solid educational program required to get a pest control license. In fact, pest control is a complex domain when done thoroughly. SOS Bugs Pest Control is one of the most qualified pest control  (or extermination) company in the Outaouais region. Our biologist has the expertise and the knowledge to understand and find the source of the problem your are facing with : carpenter ants, pavement ants other ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents and urban wildlife animals.